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About Us

Ceasar Limousine, Inc. is a luxury limousine company providing professional, personalized full service transportation services.

At Ceasar Limousine, Inc., we are dedicated to you, our commitment to superior quality, and elite service is the hallmark of our company.

We pride ourselves in not only meeting the requirements of our clients-but in anticipating their every need, before they realize the need themselves.

Ceasar Limousine, Inc. understands the demands facing today's business clients. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help your business meet its obligations.

Our mission is to get our clients to their destination safe, and on time. Choosing Ceasar Limousine, Inc. to handle your corporate and professional transportation can improve your organization's performance and productivity. You arrive relaxed, confident and focused.

All of our drivers have valid CDL Licenses and have been through vigorous background checks and every car is covered with $1.5 million of insurance.

Luxury is only the beginning, for your enjoyment, and comfort our limousines are equipped with a dvd player, two televisions, and a stereo system. Complimentary soft beverages and light snacks are also available.

Our attention to details and impeccable service puts Ceasar Limousine, Inc. which has been in business for over 17 years, in a class by itself.

Ceasar Limousine Travel Agency

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